How you achieve Everything you ever wanted! (use the Power of your Mind)

“What you think you become,
what you feel you attract,
what you imagine you create.“
– Buddha

In the following I will demonstrate the POWER OF OUR MIND and how this effects your WHOLE LIFE without even noticing – or maybe you know about but you don’t use YOUR POWER wisely ?!

I always catch myself by going back into the old thought pattern like
„I can’t do this“ or „this will not work out“ instead of thinking

Best Example: The Weather
Instead of thinking „Oh its gonna be shitty today, just clouds, I guess it will rain again“
you should think „The sun will come out later!“

„Where your Focus goes – Energy flows!“

The invisible Physics behind the Mysterie!

Everything in the universe is made up of Energy and Matter
and all of this vibrates energetically in its own way.

Energetic vibration attracts similarly vibration.

The Law of Attraction.

Everything visible – humans, animals, nature –
represent only (less than) 1% of the existing matter in the cosmos!!

The remaining 99% are invisible matter!
In order to understand this, human beings often need visible evidence in order to be able to accept this miracle of creation and power.

However, spiritual, uplifting people have long been aware of this and are using the cosmic laws for a (peaceful) happy existence on Mother Earth (Inka, Maya, Atlantis, Plejaden,…).

People with a life-affirming attitude often attract more positive things in their lifes than pessimistic people. This is because of the vibration that they send out!

Because everything in the universe is vibration –
every ray of light, every sound, every thought, every impulse into us.

We have the saying in Germany:
„To be with someone on the same <wave>“
Either you get in resonance – or not!

Your reality is just a reflection of your vibration!

Positive, as well as negative.
…and always remember:


…and when you still struggle with something, you should try THETA HEALING®!

heal yourself just with your Mind –

Use your belief, imagination and self-healing power!

Our cells have their own intelligence and listen to what we say and think!
Each person has about 70 million small workers waiting for instructions from above.
Almost everyone knows the „placebo effect“ – why not make use of it ?!!

In fact, there are people who just let their tumor cells disappear by concentrating on the positive side of Life – they watched funny movies, nobody was allowed to talk about cancer, etc. You have to have a strong mind but people healed – by themself!
Spontaneous healing is what doctors call those types of inexplicable cases.

Our thoughts shape and determine our lives
… because they are the source of every planned act & the final action!

„Trying to be positive doesn’t mean denying reality.
It’s the art of getting the most out of every situation.“


Therefore, it is always important to remember what you want to „evoke“ with your thoughts.

We should learn to focus on WHAT WE WANT.

Do we want to be happy and move forward in life?

If so, then focus on your goals, desires and dreams!

In addition, it is said that the universe knows no negatives. So we should try directly formulate everything as positive as possible (no negations) – but you will catch yourself even after some years with your old ways of thought pattern.
But you hold the key in your Hand.
Use it wisely.


Film & Book recommendation

…for success and well-being

Our outer world is a construct of our thoughts.
Everything in the cosmos is vibration and energy,
and every thought sends out a message to the universe,
whereupon we get an „answer“ – a resonance.

Full Movie on Netflix or Youtube
here the first 30 Minutes: English or German
negative aspect: its a lil’bit exaggerated but if you get the point – its all you need..


„Gleiches zieht gleiches an“
Die Macht deiner Gedanken

Das Gesetz der Resonanz
„Alles was uns passiert ist ein Resultat aus der Vergangenheit“
Das Prinzip von Ursache & Wirkung
Alles ist ein Spiegelbild deiner Schwingung

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