Fresh Air (gets rare) – ITS TIME FOR THE **FREE ENERGY**

The green Revolution
has started already in our Minds.

More & more people become aware of themselves, their BEING, the planet, the environment, the animals, the cruelty & all the things that going wrong in this world. It is time for a change…

which could CHANGE OUR WORLD!

It would change the power structures, the society, our jobs, our LIFE – and our handling with MOTHER EARTH! We could live in harmony with each other, drive car & fly wherever we want without destroying our beautiful nature anymore! Because everybody would’ve energy whereever he or she wants…

Everything is in exchange –
and therefore it affects each of us!
Sooner or later!

Clean air is essential for a healthy body. It is our life elixir with the sun. The air circulates worldwide and constantly mixes with new particles. It once created our whole Universe!

Meanwhile, Nature must compensate the toxic substances even harder than before. This is why it is so important to change our behavior.

From power stations and atomic radiation over plastic products and synthetic fibers, to paint and cleaning supplies!


With every purchase,
you decide in what kind of world you want to live.



Whether at the North Pole, in the Sahara,
in the slums of India or in the Himalayas ..

It only needs one coil –
no cable, no harmful radiation!

It would render the complete oil, gas, coal, nuclear, solar and wind turbine industries useless! This means transport, electrical equipment & energy in general could all be operated with such a coil..!

4 Freie Energie

It’s obvious why this technology kept as a secret and has been suppressed for more than 100 years – and new inventors get threads and found dead! It’s a billion Dollar Business! But there is hope. Alan Musk just started the right way, and people will follow…


Tesla (scientist around 1900) understood what our SUN really is:
A positively charged energy ball with a potential of more than 200 billion volts. Unlike the sun, our earth is charged with negative electricity, which causes massive forces in the atmosphere to build up and discharge.
Part of this is what Tesla later described as “Cosmic Energy.” It varies from time to time and place to place but it is always present.

The positive particles of the sun are stopped at the ionosphere. There is an extreme, energetic difference between it and the negative charge on Earth. Tesla estimated it to have a steady amount of Free Energy of approximately 360,000 volts. The region between the earth’s crust and the upper atmosphere thus holds an immense potential for free energy. The earth is in fact surrounded by a sea of ​​free energy and we can use it for free..!

watch THRIVE MOVEMENT for free on Youtube!
It will change the way you look at our world…

The clip above is from this documentation (34:10-42:10)

The more people know,
the sooner the greedy can pack their bags 😉

Inform yourself & talk with people about it!
other weblinks e.g.
here (article) and here (a generator)

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