Why meditate? Receive everything you want with ThetaHealing®

Allow your mind to rest & recover
and take orders at the Universe!

Meditation is the “off” button of our mental computer,  because even when we’re sleeping, our spirit & mind are awake and process all the impressions of the day.


With ThetaHealing® you connect with the Creator level where you can heal your cells, change your subconscious and determine your life how you want it. It’s a great way to have your life back in your hands…

Meditation is practiced by people worldwide since thousands of years, to take an inner break, heal and find solutions. It helps to “shut down” your thoughts, problems & everything which is like a “tap” open in your head. You look from the bird’s eye view and at the moment you detach yourself from this body, where the spirit and the soul are usually bound to.

What meditation does to you…

  • makes the mood brighter
  • boosts creativity and focus
  • helps with emotional imbalance
  • helps with stress, has a calming and restorative effect
  • can (thereby) lower the blood pressure
  • helps with anxiety, worry and problems
    (because these can be viewed from a distance, so solutions can be found faster)
  • you get the view for the essentials
  • it gives you energy
  • ensures a restful sleep
  • enhances general well-being & inner balance
  • can reduce the sensation of pain *
  • Boosts the immune system **

*It has been found that the pain areas of the brain, such as the primary somatosensory cortex, are severely shut down during meditation and that the pain intensity is reduced by 40%. By comparison, morphine reduces pain by 25%!

** Stressed people are more prone to illness and more likely to have a more vulnerable immune system. The positive feelings and more optimistic attitude of life achieved through regular meditation activates the left brain, which is associated with a strengthened immune system. Often meditation is therefore used in cancer patients and as an adjunctive measure in chemotherapy.

Sources: personal experience, conversations with many meditators as well as here and here


accomplish healing on the spiritual level

ThetaHealing® is a new form of healing that uses direct contact with the creation level to initiate any kind of healing, control or change. Of course, in every healing system, the divine, the creative power, ultimately heals. However, the special thing here is that you are directly connected to the source, and therefore every form of healing and change is directly accomplished and causes and problems can be quickly recognized and resolved.


I couldn’t belive that this works really well until I went to a alternative Practitioner and she made this with me without knowing, and my life changed positively.

You can use it for the daily life, when you want things working for YOU, e.g.: meanwhile I always (95%) get a parking spot whereever I am! I get the Food I wished before (e.g. in the canteen). Once I forgot my ticket at the subway and the control came in but they didn’t even notice me and they checked EVERYONE BUT ME – veryyy strange! But it works…

Detailed description

ThetaHealing® is a meditative process in which, through concentrated prayer to the Creator, healing is accomplished on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. It is based on the theta state of the brain, an EEG detectable brain wave curve that occurs in the state of deep relaxation and hypnosis. As a result, healing processes can already be accomplished in just a few minutes.

Only one basic condition is necessary for this technique (if you want to practice it for yourself). You have to believe in the almighty Creator. The Creator is known by a variety of names, but God, Allah, Buddha, Shiva, Jesus and Yahweh are all currents that carry us to the highest level and creative energy.

ThetaHealing® is not bound to any particular religion. The methods are not specific to any age, gender, or people of different backgrounds, skin color, belief, or religion. All who truly believe in God can use this wonderful technique to positively enrich and shape their own lives.

If you wanna test it or get more informations just write me.

Source: Vianna Stibal

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