“Get sweaty once a day, keeps the doctor away!” Movement keeps us young

Stay fit & healthy into old age

Stimulate your muscles, tendons and joints.

It is in human nature to be physically active. Our body becomes rather sick when it’s left to vegetate than routinely challenged. In addition, our muscle and respiratory movement are the only “pump” for our LYMPHATIC SYSTEM, which is responsible for the DETOXING and can causes many diseases when it’s disrupted… (lymphatic congestion). Here you can read why our lymph flow is so important and why it can even prevent cancer.

I know many people with physically and mentally demanding professions, and those who exercise regularly are in the best of health and rarely ill, whereas the unathletics are often sick (of course the diet furthers this).
There are reports of 80-90 year olds running a (half) marathon or practicing yoga into old age.


It’s just makes sense. Our cells are challenged and don’t “fall asleep”. Because…

“You are only as old as you feel!”


A short workout before the meal boosts your metabolism!

A short workout of 5-15 minutes before each meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner) has a very positive effect on our muscles and fat burning! Because, in particular, carbohydrate-rich foods get into the muscle cells after a workout, in order to strengthen them and to recapture the burnt energy. I can’t explain the exact chemical process in the body, I only notice the difference every time I do it and if not! My body stays more muscular and no new fat deposits will be created if you eat more than necessary!


People who do a lot of sports or are physically challenged
(athletes, construction workers, craftsmen, chefs,…), I recommend an “ALKALINE EXCESS DIET” (means NOT vegan), so that the body don’t

Because when your body gets overacidified (through movement, stress & nutrition), your body looses even more ESSENTIAL MINERALS and “soak” them out of your bones, tendons & organs.

“Eat the right stuff and you have unlimited energy!
No more muscle cramps, weakness,
tendon inflammation, back & knee problems and more!”

In addition, you should give your muscles PERIODS OF REST otherwise the muscles can quickly acidify and don’t recover properly.


Meanwhile, it is known that 16-HOUR FASTING (overnight) is very beneficial for the REGENERATION of our muscles too
! But even a long break between meals is important to let our body digest and absorb all the nutrients. Your insulin level is not high all the time which minimalize the fat storage. It should be at least 3 hours, but 4-6 hours are even better! Everything over is also okay, unless you are hungry. Don’t torture yourself – LISTEN TO YOUR BODY 🙂


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