Natural Care Products – Safe Money, your Health, the Environment & our Water cycle!

“If you can eat it – your body will love it.”


All conventional and even organic care products you can shop in the normal stores are full of chemicals und highly processed, unhealthy substances (from creams to deodorants and shampoos).
These get into our blood circulation after 20 seconds of contact with the skin and within 1 minute the chemical lobes are distributed throughout the body waiting for their removal.
So it’s time to get the power back in our hands and create REAL CARE products for our only holy temple: OUR BODY!

as well as your health and money


Because in the end it all comes back to ourselves… like everything!

When I think back of spending 60€ A MONTH on cosmetics, hair-& hygenarticle – for others it may even be higher! – it’s ridiculous how the companies and our society persuades us that we need all this shit. It’s nonsense!
In the meantime my costs are around 5€ PER MONTH! (or I have coconut oil, lemons, soda & co anyway at home!)

“Products with ingredients that you can’t even pronounce –
just keep it where it is!”



  • cold-pressed ARGAN OIL (organic; it has the most Vitamin E; just a FEW drops)
    • you can combine it with fresh aloe vera gel (for moisture)
    • as well as native coconut oil (which acts antibacterial & disinfectant)
      (coldpressed olive- or linseedoil are a cheaper but good alternative
    • As desired: with essential oils (cinnamon, mint, orange or similar)

ATTENTION if you’re skin is sensitive and you go outside in summer (esp. for tanning) you should watch your skin how it reacts with the sun, because oils are a reflection and this is why you get faster tanned / red (depending on your skin). In case you get red, put the oil on the evening on your skin.


  • fresh aloe vera gel
  • Sunflower oil (native, organic, spread about 2 tbsp all over the body)
  • Otherwise pay attention to “vegan, paraffin, petroleum & PALMOIL FREE” creams!


  • mix: 2 tbs Coconut oil, 1 tsp Sodapowder & 5 drops essential oil (eucalyptus, mint, or similar)
    für empfindliche / trockene Haut: “>-> for sensitive / dry skin: Stir in 1 tsp organic shea butter
  • Otherwise a deodorant WITHOUT Aluminum!
    Note: unpleasant sweat smell comes through the toxins in the body, which the body would like to get rid of. Anything that makes any excretions smell unpleasant are animal products, sulfurous, artificial (additives, refineries, ..) as well as environmental pollutants (fumes, dirty air in the city, glyphosate in the countryside).
    To support the detox: Get sweaty with the right sport, do
    sauna or lymphatic detox cure


  • mix 2 tbs Coconut oil, 1/2 tsp turmeric powder, 1 tsp Sodapowder & 5 drops essential oil (eucalyptus, mint, or similar)
  • Otherwise a FLUORIDE-free toothpaste!

    Why fluoride free?

    “The epidemic spread of dental disease in the industrialized world is a result of the nutrient deficiency that results from eating foods that have grown on leached soil and been denatured by industrial processing.”
    – Center of Health


  • Chestnut shampoo (homemade, instruction will follow)
  • Vinegar & sodapowder (you don’t smell the acid after the shower)
  • Lava earth (from pharmacy or internet; mix with water)
  • Lemon juice (+ half water; about 1/2 lemon for 1 hair wash)
  • Curd Soap (finely grated, dissolved in water, with sodapowder & essential oils like lemon or orange)
  • “No-Poo”: wash the hair only for 8 weeks with water (and lemon juice after sweaty days), then the talc production should have normalized. Just keep going then!

Or at least buy organic WITHOUT PALMOIL (& vegan): e.g. “Bronner’s Magic Soap”


  • for greasy hair: cedar oil
  • dandruff: eucalyptus, lavender, laurel, lemon balm, geranium, tea tree
  • in case of hair loss: birch, cajeput, chamomile, lavender sage, muscat sage, juniper
  • Hair growth promoting: birch, chamomile, juniper, rosemary, nettle (herbal extract)


without rinsing (can, but doesn’t have to)

  • Organic cold-pressed Oil (Coconut, Avocado, Agan, Walnut,…)
    Massage a few drops into the hair, or make a cure once per week:
    Wash your hair with warm water, massage a little bit oil into it, wrap with a towel for 20 Min, then wash it with a little bit shampoo, lemon juice, or just water.
  • Use empty avocado bowls
    The remaining fat is a great conditioner for dry hair


  • Soda & essential oil of your choice
  • Alternative: Base bath powder from drugstores / health food store


    reduce your make up as far as possible – discover your natural beauty!
  • otherwise REAL natural cosmetics!
    vegan & FREE of animal testing, petroleum, palm oil, paraffins & co!
    (even in “organic healthy” cremes are palm oil, so you have to make it on your own…)



If our body – especially our organs (kidney / liver / intestine) – is overstrained with toxins & co, the signals are on the one hand impure skin / acne, as well as with fat deposits / cellulite.

For a beautiful skin, it is therefore important to dispense all artificial, highly processed, over-greasy products. Especially (too much refined) sugar, a wavering insulin level and too much (saturated) fat are the tree major factors.
But also a wheat / gluten intolerance (glyphosat poisining) can be signaled via the skin. So many get e.g. small “pimples” on the upper arms (outside). This shows that the body is overwhelmed and wants to get rid of it.


It is very important to get rid off the toxins we breath or take in everyday through our skin, nose & mouth. A healthy, wholesome nutrition, hot baths, massages, sauna, strechting and a nice sweaty workout are the key for a taut nice skin. What kind of sport doesn’t matter – as long as you sweat!! (running, swimming, intervall workout,…).

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