Alkaline Diet

“No disease can exist in an alkaline environment, not even cancer.”

– Dr. Otto Warburg,
Nobel Price winner 1931 in Medicine for his cancer research

Even Hippocrates said once:

“Let food be your Medicine, and medicine be your Food.”

The alkaline or “alkaline excess diet” prevents hyperacidity of the body. Acidification means that our acid-base balance in the body is in imbalance, that means:

Those parts of the body that should be basic in the healthy state are threatened by excess acids – and those parts of the body that should be acidic in a healthy state suddenly have a pathologically elevated pH.

You enrich your body with important nutrients and antioxidants, which automatically protect your cells from outer or inner attacts (less aging & cell decaying, less sickness). When the intake of acid-forming products is reduced, it allows your body to recover in the long term.

The Alkaline (basic) Nutrition
means 100% alkaline foods are consumed
The Basic/ Alkaline “excess” Nutrition
includes 70-80% alkaline foods and 20-30% good acidifiers (list at the bottom)
nd THIS is where our acid-bases-household (pH-Level) is balanced!

So in order to keep your healthy body healthy, you CAN eat sugar, wheat, WILD salmon, duck or biological free range eggs – if this is only 20-30% of your diet.
So the golden rule…



When I talked with a shaman (she also graduated homeopathy & nutritional advice), she told me that we are only 20% material body (physical) & 80% psyche (mind & soul)!

And only 80% of our nutrition has to be healthy – 20% can be “whatever you want”. This means nutrition is a part of the wholebut it’s not the only thing that can heal & maintain health.

How do you drive your body?

You are the driver – you can crash it or drive a beautiful ocean road. It’s the Mind, our Psyche and biological programm, which drives us. But if you refuel your diesel with petrol, you will probably have a broken car as well. So the fuel (our food) seems like an incidental part, but crucial! The tank (our gut) wants to be filled with the right fuel!

It’s not only our diet that can make our body sick and broken,
also stress, traumatic events, our biological programm or the circumstances in which we live or are exposed lead to diseases.

“Anything unnatural is a burden and an attackon our inner balance and health.”

 In order to keep the pH-level of your body in balance
(and stop robbing yourself essential minerals)
you should…


the bad acidifiers aka.
“The 10 Companions of the civilized people”

  3. COFFEE (especially the conventional)
  4. PESTICIDES (conventional veggies & fruits)
  5. refined SUGAR (& salt)
  6. WHEAT products at all
  7. highly PROCESSED & canned “food”
    (GMO, Seitan/tofu, cereals, E-substances,…)
  8. ANIMAL PROTEIN (dairy, eggs, meat, fish)

These Elements furthers hyperacidity and bring our cells out of balance and inner harmony (like the Water Crystals of Masaru Emoto).

As a result, our cells USE OUR NUTRIENTS DEPOTS like hair, nails, organs, cells, muscles, tendons, bones, to be able to COMPENSATE the hyperacidity with basic minerals like Magnesium, Zinc, Calcium, Iron,…

“Acidosis leaches out our mineral depo and furthers chronical inflammation like athrose and cancer!”

The following symptoms may occur:
or heal when quitting the “10 Companions” out of your diet

  • brittle nails, hair loss
  • chronic headache (migraine)
  • tendonitis imflammation
  • muscle cramps
  • brittle bones
  • arthritis
  • cancer
  • and other chronic inflammations

Leonard Coldwell (an expert in treating & healing Cancer) is NOT a vegan/ vegetarian, but he only eats BIOLOGICAL (regional) food, and he says, if your body is weak & sick, GOING ON A RAW VEGAN DIET is EVERYTHING you should do TO BECOME HEALTHY AGAIN! You have to over-alkalize your body! (see here a video)

“Our body can heal & regenerate itself ANYTIME!”


Therefore, it is NEVER too late to change.
Integrate nutritious food regularly.
Reduce acid-forming products.
And heal with your Mind.


What to eat on an alkaline diet?

And what should I avoid?

Check out this chart!



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