Noodle/Potato Soup

simple & fast A light dish and you’re still pleasantly full 🙂 a good choice for the evening or when you feel sick or cold 🙂

My healthy hempy Sweeties (“what to use instead?!”)

*rich in fiber, nutrients, essential fats & protein* with LOVE & GRATITUDE ❤ NO REFINED SUGAR, WHEAT & ANIMAL PRODUCTS In the following you see what you can use to prepare NOURISHING, PLANTBASED (ALKALINE) SWEETS & DESSERTS ❤ USE HEMP PRODUCTS whole hemp seeds (mortar before eating) peeled hemp seeds Hemp flour Hemp protein (Hemp…

Dinner / “What’s intermittent fasting?!”

AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE – AS MUCH AS NECESSARY 🙂 In the evening you SHOULD NOT burden your body with a luscious, greasy and sugar-rich diet, so that OUR CELLS CAN REGENERATE AND RECOVER OVERNIGHT. It promotes the regeneration process of muscles and all organs. This has a cell rejuvenating effect on our whole body….

ASIA NOODLES (vegan, glutenfree & taste explosion)

Umami means that all flavors are united: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, spicy & greasy FOR 2 LARGE PORTIONS 250g noodles (uncooked) of your choice (rice noodles, glass noodles, lenses-rice or spelt spaghetti) 1 tsp native coconut oil 1/2-1 organic broccoli 1-2 organic carrot 1-2 onion Spices: Curry, Cumin, Cayenne, … WHO LIKES about 100g coconut…

NOUGAT HEAVEN Hallelujah <3

selfmade (raw) vegan nougatcreme, nougat cake, nougat bars,… gluten- & sugarfree, rich in nutrients, taste & satisfaction 🙂