SUSHI (Salat) with Quinoa & Amaranth

rich in Magnesium,Calcium, Iron & valuable Protein compared to the refined white rice, this version is a true treasure cheast of necessary content 🙂

Noodle/Potato Soup

simple & fast A light dish and you’re still pleasantly full 🙂 a good choice for the evening or when you feel sick or cold 🙂

NOUGAT HEAVEN Hallelujah <3

selfmade (raw) vegan nougatcreme, nougat cake, nougat bars,… gluten- & sugarfree, rich in nutrients, taste & satisfaction 🙂

The importance of our lymphatic System (detox your body + instruction)

The clarifying and filtering system of our body “You can only be as healthy as your body’s detoxification system works.” Our lymphatic system consists of many lymphatic vessels filled with lymphatic fluid (the lymph), which permeate the entire body. They absorb all waste that is released by the body cells into the intercellular water. They…